What I Learned During My 31 Day Blogging Break

Thirty one days ago I logged out of WordPress, snapped my laptop shut and walked away from Fallen and Flawed.

I didn’t write posts, respond to comments, update Twitter, linger on Facebook or even peel through my blog reader.

I just sat out the online life for a while and just reveled in my lack of virtual responsibility.

If you’ve ever unloaded a hefty responsibility to someone else before, you know what I’m talking about.

Delegation can be sweet.

Kissing This Blog Goodbye

In fact, it was so sweet I wondered if I’d even return. There was no doubt in my mind that a chapter of my life closed…

The question was: Did I want to open that book again?

I mean, balancing the workload of a blog and wife and children and work–it takes a toll. That’s one of the reasons I developed the 5 A. M. secret.

More importantly, I kind of felt like I’d achieved what I was after: a thorough education in theology.

And while I didn’t walk away with a master’s degree, I grew more than I ever could’ve in a classroom.

So there I was, ready to kiss this blog goodbye. [Scary, I know!]

In fact, on November 7, two days into my sabbatical, I got an email from my blog hosting company telling me I was up for renewal…

Did I want to renew? A fraction of me said no.

However, from the very beginning I’d made a promise that I’d at least run this puppy for two years…

So I renewed it all the while wondering if I made the right decision. Fortunately, this feeling didn’t last.

The Heart-rending Part of This Story

This ambivalence toward the blog eventually faded into a complete indifference. So much so I forgot I even owned a blog.

Then came the emails.

A handful of readers wrote with the most precious concern that they were pestering me but with the simple comment that they miss the blog and can’t wait until I return…

That got me rooting through the last blog post comments…and getting a little teary eyed.

It’s fascinating what a few words of encouragement can do.

And so with about ten days left in my sabbatical, I began to champ at the bit. Hungry to get back onto the turf. To rub shoulders–gritty and all–with my precious readers.

And that nervous energy only grew.

An Opportunity for YOU and Me

This story hasn’t quite arrived at this morning though. There’s one more episode I need to share…

And it concerns an article I read about Josh Hanagarn’s–aka, the –stint to write .

What Josh’s post opened my eyes to was the world of “guest posting”. Both on other blogs and my own.

For whatever reason it never dawned on me to do this on a frequent basis. Only once have I given someone else the reigns on this blog.

That was a risk well rewarded.

But I’d also pretty much barricaded myself from ever writing for other blogs with the excuse that I didn’t have the time.

What clicked for me was the fact that guest posting will allow me to publish more content than I can on this blog.

Listen. I’m hardwired to write. And flush out ideas at a magnificent pace. Unfortunately, I don’t want to wear you or me out by posting every twelve hours here.

That means I’d be happy to write a post or two for you if you have a blog. In addition, feel free to send me any ideas or articles you might have for Fallen and Flawed.

All you have to do is email me.

Let’s see what we can learn from each other through this collaboration.

Wait. There’s One More Thing

Any reader who’s been with me from the beginning knows I occasionally struggle with the purpose of Fallen and Flawed.

I probably came the closest in my Gospel in 10 words or less post.

However, during my absence–as promised–I engaged in a lot of poetry writing and discussion with friends about Christianity in culture and creativity.

This led me to a little discovery: I was missing those last two C’s in my work here. I was missing culture and creativity.

What does that look like? Simply this: Expanding my borders to include posts on literature,  the arts, music and popular culture…

The importance of our cultural mandate to build cities, governments, businesses, schools and museums…

And book reviews outside of the reformed boundaries.

In other words, emphasizing our prerogative to influence the world around us through what we create with our hands and minds.

Think of it as a quick and dirty guide to Christ, culture and creativity.

Are You Ready? I’m Ready

So, it’s great to be back. I’ve got a load of ideas for posts and I look forward to talking to you again. I hope you’ll join me.

And don’t forget: I’m available to write guests posts. Email me if you’re interested.

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