The 5 A.M. Secret: How to Balance Blog and Family

Manage to balance job, family, friends and blog using the 5 A.M. secret.

I have a FULL-time job. A family of four. A close-knit group of friends. And a robust blog writing schedule.

That seems to impress some of you.

What’s my secret? Simple. Call me at 5 in the morning…

Or 9:00 P.M. on a Friday night.

True, I don’t have a social life. Am rather dull. Fond of solitude and books.

But all my leisure time–meaning children are asleep and the wife is folding laundry or out with the girls–is spent with my nose in a book. My hand on a pencil. And a notebook on my lap.

And you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way.

At some point, usually early in the morning, I sit down with the laptop and knock out a blog post or two.

Trust me: I’d love a short cut. But in all my years of writing, I’ve found the only shortcut is truly the long way: hard work.

And the way I see it, if you work harder than everyone else…you learn more about your craft. You become faster, stronger, smarter.

Even happier.

About the Beatles , “Talented? Absolutely. But the Beatles also simply put in more hours than anyone else.”

It helps that I love what I do. From family to work to friends to blog. And I keep a ruthless focus on ONLY those four. It’s a planned neglect of everything else.

Christ naturally gets the bulk of my time, attention and adoration. But when I’ve got down time, I crack open the books, sharpen the pencils and hunker down for some good, old-fashion work.

That’s my secret to balancing blog and family. What’s your secret?

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