A Beginner’s Guide: 10 Classic Fallen + Flawed Posts


Where you get schooled in the basics of Fallen and Flawed.

So, to help you understand what this blog is all about, I created a beginner’s guide…

Think of it as a historical primer on the purpose behind this blog.

More importantly, see it as a guide to help you plan, launch and grow your own Christian blog.

My hope is I can help at least one person do just that. Let me know what you think.

Here they are:

Why You Must Endure My Half-Baked Ideas What are the payoffs to working through your doubts about Christianity? One is you won’t base your faith on half-baked ideas. There are more.

Have You Read the Book Behind This Blog? It’s still shocking to me how much a few wrong turns could change my life. Read the story behind this blog. And the book that started it.

I Am Orin Scrivello, Sadistic Blogger When someone blasted me on a blog post with foul language, it triggered a rather sadistic thought.

5 Reasons Why I Waited a Year to Launch This Blog This might sound strange to you, but I waited over 365 days before launching this blog. Why did I wait so long? The answer may surprise you.

Are Public Rebukes Okay? My Advice Do the rules for church discipline apply to the impersonal, disembodied world of blogging? My answer might surprise you.

The 5 A.M. Secret: How to Balance Blog and Family How do I manage to balance job, family, friends and blog? Simple. I use the 5 A.M. secret.

Why Reformed Bloggers Wear Me Out We need more Christians bloggers who will converse and confront atheist bloggers. Here are 4 ways to do that.

Tim Keller’s Guide to Vibrant Blogging Hard to believe that a 58-year old pastor in NYC could teach you anything about blogging. But he can.

Why I Blog [It’s the New M.A., Dummy] Did you know you can earn a Masters degree by blogging? Okay, you can’t really. But you can come real close. Find out how.

My Unorthodox Copyright Policy [or, Why It’s Okay to Steal This Blog] The content on this blog is yours. It’s yours to use however you please. But there’s a catch.

Note: Bookmark this post so you can take your time working through this list. There’s a lot of content here. And you probably won’t be able to read it all in one day.

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