Have You Read the Book Behind This Blog?

It’s still shocking to me how much a few wrong turns could change my life. Read the story behind this blog. And the book that started it.

It’s still shocking to me how much a few wrong turns could change my life.

I married, graduated , got a job, bought a house, fathered two children and attended the same church for nine years.

Then everything disintegrated.

To make a long story short, that disentegration drove me to the cross. And for the first time in my life I finally met my redeemer.

The Reformed Reader

Before my conversion, I was a book reader. After my conversion I was still a book reader. Of different sorts.

I leveled J. I. Packer’s  in two days. Made short work of Tozer’s . Even crawled through the first volume of Geisler’s 

All books I highly recommend.

But I’m not here to tell you about those. There’s another book I want to introduce to you.

The Book in Question

It was this book–a book I read during my 10th anniversary with my wife–that planted the seed for this blog.

The book I’m talking about is Ravi Zacherias’ 

In this compelling defense of the Christian faith, Zacharias demonstrated that how we answer the question of God’s existence will infect every inch of our everyday lives: Our relationships. Our integrity. Our morality. Even our perception of truth.

It was, indeed, the essence of the human condition. My friend, at that point the direction for this blog was born.

Pre-Blogging Angst

However, as you might remember, it took me a year to launch this blog. And for the first four months of that year–before I read Zacherias–I knew I wanted to launch a blog. . .I just didn’t know what to write about.

Imagine you’re me for a minute.

You want to write. Share your faith. You see blogging can move you down that path. But you’re not sure what you can write about that will distinquish you from 17 gazillion other blogs.

Then imagine you wrestled with this idea for months. On end.

The Cover Is Lifted

That’s why reading Can Man Live Without God? was such a fanatical boost to my brain and soul. It was truly an a-ha moment.

Immediately I knew I wanted to call this blog  The Human Condition Blog. But there was a problem:  was taken.

I then considered Young American Christian. That URL was way too long.

It wasn’t until I heard  describe the condition of man as “fallen and flawed” that I knew I had my name.

Funny thing is, that was four days before I launched this blog.

Here’s What I Need from You

So, I pretty much got the overall flavor for this blog. What I don’t have is a . In fact, for the last year I’ve been toying with this blogs tag line. Even to this day I tinker with it.

Currently I have “A curmudgeon’s guide to conquering the human condition.” It’s also been “Curmudgeon’s guide to living a vivid, meaningful life.”

What I need from you is this: tell me what you think the tag line should be. You’ve been reading the content for a month, week or day. How would you describe the content in one short sentence?

Why I’m a Little Reluctant to Do This

It’s only been two months. I may not have enough momentum or content to give you a fair shot at this.

But, you know what? I’m a firm believer in the strategies  and. That means I’m counting on you to contribute.

So, when you got a few seconds, let me know what you think: Is my tag line and content out of synch? Is there something I could do better? More of?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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