A Thoroughly-Painless Guide to the Doctrine of God’s Trinity


In which I compile all my previous post for a simple, growing, definitive guide of God’s Trinity…darling.

Yes. . .yet another post on the Trinity.

But this time I’m compiling all my previous posts for a simple, growing, definitive guide.

Here’s why I’m doing this.

The Reason Why You Must Study God’s Trinity

Listen: The Trinity is not some pointless piece of theological speculation.

It’s a doctrine that demands attention. Study. Understanding.

Why? Because the Trinity is grounded in the complex human experience of redemption in Christ.

And for more than 1600 years this doctrine has stood as the final test of orthodoxy. It shapes how we understand who God is.

So, let’s explore this often-neglected, beautiful doctrine because if you’re a Christian, you’ll mature in your faith.

If you’re not, well….

10 Woefully Inadequate Views

4 Approaches to the Doctrine of the Trinity

Early Church Fathers, Girl Talk and the Seamless Doctrine of the Trinity

How Ancient Creeds and Dead Men Define Our Beliefs

Medieval Scholars on the Trinity

3 Critical Characteristics of the Trinity You Must Know

Reformers on the Trinity

**Part of The Nature of God series.**

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