God Is Not a Supernatural Soccer Mom Who Will Do Anything to See You Reach Your Potential

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I hate songs that make much of me at the expense of God. Songs that tell me I’m special. Significant. That God loves me.

True, he loves me. He loves himself more.

And he’s not some supernatural soccer mom who wants nothing more than to see me reach my potential…willing to do anything to make that happen.

All is for HIS glory. Not mine. We must decrease. He must increase.

We are mere pawns who get to enjoy the privilege of participating in his redemption project. A project that makes much of God.

Not us. That’s the lesson the Bible teaches .

Besides, this idea that I’m special has been imported into Christianity from the U.S.’s addiction to self esteem. Shouldn’t we be informing the culture rather than the culture informing us?

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