13 Quick Facts about Jehovah’s Witnesses

In which 13 facts about Jehovah’s Witnesses make their way into your head.

In December 1875, clothing-store owner  stumbled across a copy of Nelson Barbour’s magazine The Herald of the Morning.

Intrigued, Russell arranged to meet Barbour in Philadelphia.

Russell and Barbour hit it off.

In fact, Russell sold his chain of clothing stores to devote his life to Barbour’s ideas.

And shortly after that–in spite of a split with Barbour–the  organization was born.

Here are thirteen key doctrines Russell taught.

1. God.

God is a single person who doesn’t know everything and isn’t everywhere.

2. Creation.

God created the universe, earth, Adam, Eve and Michael the Archangel. This took 42,000 years.

3. Sin.

 Once Adam sinned, the Paradise known as earth was ruined.

4. Redemption.

God’s plan to restore Paradise would eventually lead to the crucifixion of Jesus. In the meantime, God needed a society to represent him. Think Noah, Abraham, Moses and David.  These are the original Jehovah’s Witnesses.

5. Incarnation.

When the time came, Michael the Archangel became a human. He became Jesus.

6. Crucifixion.

Jesus did not die on a cross. He died on a .

7. Atonement.

Jesus’ death atoned for all of mankind’s sin–except for Adam’s sin.

8. Resurrection.

Since his body decomposed, Jesus rose from the dead as a spirit. Not a body.

9. The Trinity.

Jehovah’s Witnesses declare Trinitarianism as a demonic doctrine. Pastors who teach the doctrine are antichrists in Satan’s church.

10. End Times.

During Jesus’ 1,000 year reign, people will have a second shot at eternal salvation. All they need to do is follow the principles taught in the .

11. Election.

 Non-converts will be annihilated. Gone. Forever. Converts will live on a redeemed earth, that is Paradise restored. And a select group of 144,000 witnesses will live in heaven.

12. Eternal Life.

Converts on earth have everlasting bodies that need sleep and food and water. The select in heaven are immortal–they have spirit bodies.

13. Ethics.

Witnesses won’t pledge the American allegiance. They won’t go to war. They won’t accept blood transfusions.

Something to keep in mind

While the Witnesses may annoy the daylights out of us, we owe them a great deal of gratitude for our religious freedom–liberties they fought for and suffered to secure. Watch the documentary Knocking and you’ll see what I mean.

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**Part of the Quick Facts on Christian Cults series.**

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