13 Must-Visit Websites on Debunking Mormonism

In which you learn about 13 sites that debunk Mormonism.

Want a quick and easy way to learn about the differences between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity?

Then check out this list of must-visit online resources:

1. CARM rolls out a clean, systematic page for . Everything that makes Mormonism a heresy, that is.

2. Mark J. Cares at CRI shares an .

3.  . Find resources exploring the J. Smith claim that he discovered and translated a lost record by Abraham.

4. Of course, it’s always best to read the book everyone is critiquing. The official online edition of the .

5. An official– but frisky–Catholic article on the .

6. Writers from the Mormonism Research Ministry explore the , namely that their were ten versions.

7. A robust topical index of  finds just about every hole there is to poke in the Mormon faith. [Warning: Hideous, pre-1992 website.]

8. Bringham Young University writer Alan Goff reviews  by former Mormon Dan Vogel[Insightful reply.]

9. Wikipedia entry on  who wrote the Manuscript Story…which some believe Smith plagiarized to write the Book of Mormon.  

10. –a twisted website exposing the twisted doctrines of Mormonism. [If you can get through the wreckage you’ll unearth provocative stories of ex-Mormons.]

11. A robust .

12.  Not strictly a website…Matthew A. Paulson’s book  at Google books. [Read it free, baby.]

13. And last but not least, the BBC’s report on .

Did I miss any notable websites devoted to debunking Mormonism? Let me know.

**Part of the Quick Facts on Christian Cults series.**

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