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Why You Must Endure My Half-Baked Posts

What are the payoffs to working through your doubts about Christianity? One is you won’t base your faith on half-baked ideas. There are more.

I’m out of the office today.

Either tromping around the  with the girl and boy or fingering dusty binders on some old books at .

My wife?

She’s on the lam in Colorado Springs rubbing shoulders with  Alton Gansky, Kathryn Mackel, Nancy Rue and Angela Hunt.

All fiction writers. All fine people. [So I’m told.]

They’re staying at the  for a writer’s workshop.

She’ll be back late Wednesday night. Like 11:30 PM. So I’m Mr. Mom for the next couple of days.

And since I won’t be anywhere near a laptop, I thought I’d make it a lightweight day and run some things by you.

This Is the Time When I Run Some Things by You

First, thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing posts by email. Thank you for linking. Thank you for tweeting.

And thank you for subscribing.

At times, I’m really at a loss why over 150 people would find me the least bit interesting. But you do. And I thank God for that.

Second, thank you for your comments. Thank you for your constructive criticism. And thank you for your encouragement.

My Weakness: Half-Baked Posts

Sometimes I feel like I’m publishing half-backed ideas.

But know this: I put a lot of time into each post. Anywhere from 1-5 hours. Maybe longer. Just depends on the length, subject matter or personal deadlines…

So when I say “half-baked,” I’m being marginally insincere.

One thing I do know. I haven’t mastered Christianity. Calvinism. Apologetics. Even writing. So, lots of times I launch posts knowing I’ve missed something…and some very smart people will ding me.

That’s what I want.

See, I’m a firm believer in the concept “.” Meaning, I write something as best as I can, launch it and let my “beta readers” shoot holes in it…

Then, some time down the road approach the topic again, hopefully rolling out a better baked blog post.

What I’m Not Saying and What I Am Saying

Not that I think you can experiment or innovate with Christianity…or always get at it with trial and error. Rather, think of it as struggling. Wrestling with the tough issues. Exposing soft spots in our thinking.

This is theology. And since we’re all theologians, it’s okay.

It’s okay as Christians to admit we don’t have all the answers. It’s okay to admit we find God’s wrath difficult. To admit we find some biblical passages down-right baffling.

Let’s not be plastic people.

Instead, let’s be people who struggle to understand their faith. Who refuse to be spoon fed.

What’s the Payoff?

Getting the non-negotiables right. Anchoring our faith deeper in the bedrock of Christ. Owning the hope that’s been passed onto us.

That, to me, is a worthy goal. And it reflects that old saying, “You don’t cherish a thing unless you work hard for it.” Let’s work hard for our faith. Even if it means we fall on our faces occasionally.

The last thing I want to do is to base my faith on a half-baked idea. What about you?