10 Reasons Why You Should Cherish the Bible


The Bible is a beautiful book. Yet, we American Christians tend to neglect it’s beauty. Image source: .

One reason we neglect it is because we treat the Bible like a commodity.

It’s as important as motor oil. A tea pot. A baseball glove.

Another reason we neglect it is from simple ignorance.

We don’t know what makes it unique or useful…especially when it comes to other books.

This post will hopefully cure you of that ignorance and low view of the Bible and encourage you to cherish the greatest book ever written.

1. The Bible reveals more than a general revelation about God.

God plants a sense of himself in the soul of every man–sensus divinitatis–the sense of the divine. This is known as immediate general revelation.

We also know God through his creation. Nature points beyond itself to its Creator. This is known as mediate general revelation.

But there is more to God and his will than immediate and mediate general revelation. There’s special revelation.

2.  The Bible reveals God’s special revelation.

General revelation is not sufficient for salvation–the essential message of the gospel. But special revelation is. This is known as the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture. This doctrine means that the Bible describes what is necessary to know for salvation, particularly the person and work of Christ.

3.  The Bible reveals the record of Christ.

In the early days of the apostolic church, the life and doctrines of Jesus were passed on orally. Thus, the Bible is a written record of this oral tradition.

4. The Bible establishes the church.

The written record of Christ and his doctrines create the measurement on which all human doctrines are to be measured and the foundation for the community of Christian believers.

5. The Bible preserves from corruption.

With the written record of Christ and his doctrines, rogue ideas–like  or trinitarian heresies–can’t take root in the church.

6. The Bible morally edifies the church.

 says that the word of God is sufficient for “teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”

7. The Bible comforts the church.

The odds are high that you and I will endure  trials and tribulations as Christians during our life on earth. Books of the Bible like  encourage us to persevere in patience and righteousness, looking toward our future reward .

8. The canon is closed.

In the past, God revealed himself through priests and prophets and dreams. Christ is the culmination of God’s special revelation, spelling out clearly what we need for salvation. And just as there was an  of silence from God, the closing of God’s special revelation to man occured with the culmination of Christ.

9. Men risked reputations and lives to translate the Bible into an easy-to-read language.

Whether it was , ,  or modern-day missionaries–men throughout history viewed the corporate rewards of translating the Bible into the common language of a region greater than the personal risks involved.

10. We are free to read the Bible in America.

Some nations prohibit citizens from reading a Bible. Thus, not only should we cherish the Bible as if it were scarce or prohibited, but we should also .

What other reasons can you think of for cherishing the Bible? Share your thoughts. If I get enough suggestions, I’ll build another blog post using your name and suggestion. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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