10 Questions with an Atheist Series

This is my way of learning how to speak clearly and compellingly to non-believers.

Ever wonder what God might write if he wrote you a letter?

Or what a Unitarian Universalist raised by a park ranger dad thinks of God?

Maybe you’d like to hear a 23-year-old former Christian-turned-atheist rake weak arguments–whether theist or atheist–through the coals.

Or maybe the musings of an ex-fundamentalist from Arkansas is more your style.

Whatever your bent, I’ve got a good range of interviews with atheists, agnostics and skeptics in my 10 Questions Series.

Why an Interview Series with Atheists?

Back in early February I said that if I wanted to speak clearly and compellingly to non-believers, then I needed to enter their world.

Since then I’ve been trying to work out what that looks like.

So far I’ve ranted against Reformed bloggers. I’ve asked “Are atheists irrelevant?” I even gave you a summary of extreme atheist Peter Singer.

This all leads up to this series on understanding atheists.

Now, I have a vague idea of where I want this series to go. That’s the direction I’m pushing this snowball. Let’s just hope there’s snow on the ground. If you know what I mean.

Hemant Mehta I don’t know, consider him the playboy of atheists [you’ll see what I mean in his interview]. We know this, he’s the most famous. Having sold his soul and all.

Eshu A consistent and intelligent contributor on my blog, Eshu’s got a firm grasp of comparative religion. He makes for good competition.

Robert Madewell A former evangelical Christian who even entertained the ministry tinkers at the edges of Christianity with thought-provoking challenges to his Arkansas and blog neighbors.

Luke Muehlhauser By far the feistiest…23-year-old Luke astonishes with his sweeping range of logical and scientific arguments.

The Postman A writer/actor who plays God’s messenger in the blogosphere, The Postman makes for a good belly laugh…no matter what side of the debate you are on.

Lorette C. Luzajic My only agnostic so far, Lorette brings a barrage of arguments and convictions that demonstrates her voracious appetite for books.

(((Billy))) the Atheist Ever wonder what a Unitarian Universalist raised by a park ranger dad thinks of God of the supernatural? Wonder no more.

John Loftus The only thing Loftus had known since he was 18 was learning, teaching and defending Christianity. So when he walked away from his faith, it wasn’t easy.

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