Must Read


In which you see how my heart and mind fit into this blog.

Wanna know what the best posts are on Fallen and Flawed? Then you’ve come to the right place.


See, there’s something you should probably know.

What qualifies as a must-read post here doesn’t mean it got the most comments…most page views or…what I liked writing the best.

What qualifies as a must-read post is based on what I thought reflected the true flavor of this blog.

In other words, classic Fallen and Flawed.

That means if you read only these posts and never return…you’ll pretty much know me inside and out.

But I’d prefer you didn’t walk away. In fact, I prefer you stayed. Even .

So here’s the deal: Read the following posts and, at minimum, tell me if I should add more to this list. Okay?

A Little Footnote to Your Personal History

A Beginner’s Guide: 10 Classic Fallen + Flawed Posts

Why I’m Shutting Down Fallen + Flawed

Why Fallen + Flawed Is Back After an Epic 2-Year Sabbatical

The Year of Falling Apart

The Gospel [in 10 words or less]

How to Siege a Citadel: 4 Approaches

Why I Cannot NOT Be a Christian

My Blog Defined [or, Is C. S. Lewis Really a Christian Novelist?]

Six Pastors Who Influenced Me

My Stint with Suicide: Or 4 People Who Nearly Killed Me

My Love Affair with Obscurity

What Was the Most Dramatic Event in Your Life? 

My Salvation Story

What did you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Can you recommend any others that you think are must reads? If so, let me know by email.

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