The Gospel (in 10 words or less)


What is the Gospel? It’s merely this: Peace with God through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Granted, that’s a back-of-the-napkin summary. So much to unpack. But that’s the essence. It’s , “Peace with God,” that began with the birth of Jesus Christ.

And that’s what I need to return to. Day in. And day out. It’s not about logic. Or apologetics. Or philosophy. Or language. Or arguments.

It’s about the Gospel.

It’s about the proclamation of escape from the judgment of God through his son.

It’s about recognition of the the enormous  against me in my constant and near-incorrigible bent to rebel.

And it’s about God’s mercy irresistibly plowing me into a humble posture of submission.

Screw it if people mock me. If people plead with me to change my mind. Screw it if people frame me as a poster child for stupidity.

I can say nothing more than, “So be it.” Christ compels me.

And  if I don’t make this announcement of the Gospel. If I swerve from the truth. If I try to accommodate or compromise the Gospel.

Woe is me if I waffle in fear. In insecurity. In pride. In pursuit of a man or woman’s approval. In pursuit of blog readers. Page views. Incoming links.

In pursuit of fame, friends or family.

Regardless if the virgin birth is mocked. Regardless if the resurrection is ridiculed. Regardless if Christianity is compared to fairy tales.

It doesn’t change the truth locked up in the historical, sinless life, death and resurrection of Jesus Chris.

The truth that we no longer need to be at odds with God.

The truth now unlocked for my own life. The truth of the grace of God bending outward to you. In the reality of the love of God. In the reality of the purpose of God to forgive a foolish, wicked people.

In the reality of peace with God through the blood of Jesus Christ. The Gospel. The Good News. The narrative of redemption.

It’s a purposeful, planned neglect of everything but Jesus Christ. That’s what I need to return to. The Gospel. Day in. Day out. You?

**Part of the Curmudgeon’s Guide to Sharing the Gospel series.**

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