The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Sharing the Gospel


A misanthrope’s guide to sharing the gospel wisely.

I’m a bona fide crank. Just ask my wife.

Or children.

I can be a dreadful beast on weekends. A  moody eccentric in the evening. A sullen grouch in early morning car trips.

I grit my teeth when someone interrupts reading time.

Snap when asked in the middle of the night to get a cold glass of water for a feverish child.

Bang the desk when distracted from work.

It’s not so much that I’m a man-hater. Or that I’m obsessed with God’s wrath. Or that my life’s miserable.


It’s simply because I’m selfish. Narcissistic. Self-centered.

And I was like this for most of my life until someone introduced me to Jesus.

My Best Advice for Sharing the Gospel

All joking aside, sharing the redemptive message of Jesus Christ is one of the most sobering elements of your faith.

The world sleeps in ignorance. Sin calls for their punishment.  And you are entrusted with the task of .

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