6 Excuses We Use to Avoid Sharing Our Faith


Here are six perennial–but pernicious–common excuses we use to avoid sharing our faith. With a few pieces of advice on how to overcome them.

Sharing the gospel is no picnic, readers. And once the slightest snub arrives, the dream of leading someone to Christ ends.

And the excuses begin.

Here are six perennial–but pernicious–favorites. With a few pieces of advice on how to overcome them stuffed in between.

1. We quote Assisi.

 said, “Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

The preeminent license to keep your mouth shut when God urges you to open it.  Sometimes heard in tandem with any one of the following…

2. We must meet their physical needs first.

Granted, there is some truth to this statement, but…most of us don’t live near remote, drought-wasted Ethiopian villages.

Or among Cambodians who drink the same water cows defecate and decay in.

We’re talkin’ about your neighbor. Who probably makes more money than you.

3. We don’t want to be weird.

What we actually mean is, we don’t want to be rejected because man’s approval means more to us than God’s.

[Also, see no. 6 for a possible reason why we might feel this way.]

4. We’re too busy.

This IS my quintessential excuse.

“Must finish the lawn before the storm. Must pick up the pizza before it cools. Must towel dry the dog before she shakes.”

Pathetic when unbelieving neighbors or strangers linger nearby.

5. We don’t know enough.

I’ve tried my best to eliminate this excuse for you with posts on the Messiah, the Gospel, the Cross.

The simplest remedy? Read your bible. And open your mouth.

6. We don’t believe the gospel can do what it says it can do.

If you fall into this category, the question is…do you even trust the Bible? You must bone up on the teachings of Christ.

And examine your faith, to see that it is anchored in the right place.


Did I miss any? Add any you’ve heard in the comments below.

Here’s the deal: I’ve used–and still use–all six to one degree or another. And I will continue to do so. The quest is to do it less. And less…

So that at some point the only thing that comes out of my mouth is a clear, graceful articulation of the gospel…and not some excuse.

**Part of The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Sharing the Gospel series.**

One thought on “6 Excuses We Use to Avoid Sharing Our Faith

  1. Billy

    “Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words,” is definitely the excuse I leaned on the most and still default to at times.


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