Why I’m Shutting Down Fallen + Flawed

I always knew this day was coming. I just never figured this soon.

Effective today, I’m pulling out of the blogging business.

Trust me: This decision was an agonizing one. But there’s really no way around it.

Let me give you a little history.

Ever since I took that month-long sabbatical back in November, my heart’s never really been back into Fallen and Flawed.

It’s been elsewhere. Tied to a long-standing dream of mine. One I’ve had since I was six.

And it looks like I will actually get to make it happen.

It’s kind of strange the way this thing got off the ground. Almost surreal. The stuff good movies are made of.

After a bizarre, late-night blowout with my wife, I hopped in my car and flew to Dunkin’ Donuts to cool off. I ordered a coffee that could peel paint and started sipping.

That’s when  walked in.

He had his guitar strapped to his back and skull cap on. I waved him over. He waved back, sauntered to my table, slid into the seat and popped out his ear buds.

For whatever reason I started to gush like a teenage girl at a slumber party. I was telling him I was conflicted. Had this inner-turmoil thing going on. A dream all bottled up.

And suppressing it was messing with my marriage.

He nodded, sipped his coffee and finally asked what it was. When I told him he sprayed me with coffee.

The next thing I know we’re on the red-eye to Louisville where we meet  and  in a back room at a local Knights of Columbus.

Turns out Piper, Acuff and Whittaker all have the same dream as I do: becoming Mexican wrestlers.

Abraham said, ““I always wanted to be a wrestler, to see if they hit really hard, to see if they hit for real.”

“I like people to hate me, to shout at me,” Jonathan said.

And Carlos said, “I love to fight anyone, anywhere.”

I thought I was in heaven. We eventually hunkered down and mapped out our plan.

Unfortunately our families can’t come. We hope to make enough money in the first year to buy a small house.

Pray for us.

Oh yeah. You’re probably wondering about our costumes and name [all real Mexican wrestlers have “ring” names].

Abraham is going to be “The Verbal Abuser.” He’s going to wear a cape and furry mask his wife  made.

Jonathan agreed to be “Madam Cristo” and wear thigh-high boots.

For me it was a toss up between “Swamp Lover” or “Loco Lush.” I went for “Loco Lush” since “Lushy” was the name of a beagle I had growing up. [The beagle ate carnations and drank malt liquor.]

I’ll wear a collar and matching black mask and gloves studded with white stars.

Carlos Whittaker is going as himself.

This is truly beyond anything I imagined. But you know what the Bible says, “I have plans for you, to prosper you and give you hope and a future.”

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