10 Hard Truths about Being Born Again

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What does it mean to be spiritually dead? And why is the new birth so precious?

The following ten posts (based upon John Piper’s book ) unpack the hard truth that we are dead apart from the new birth…

And until we look back at our dreadful, wicked condition and see that God–and only God–yanked us up out of it will we ever fully know his mercy and love for us.

Spiritual Death

What does it mean to be spiritually dead? A biblical answer. With a little help from my friend John Piper.

Hard-Hearted Ignorance

On the surface our problem–that is, our condition apart from the new birth–looks like ignorance. But it’s something deeper.

Resist Christ as Lord

Did you know that new birth draws you AWAY from your lusts TO Christ? Yet, the drawing is not moral persuasion. It’s something different. And superior.

Spiritual Blindness

People who reject Christ are blind. And there’s only one cure. Fortunately, these people who follow this blog know the secret and aren’t shy about it.

Bondage to Worldly Wisdom

Intellectual discussions deserve exchanges of argument and counter-argument. The only problem is, sin is not an intellectual problem. It’s something else.

Children of Wrath

Why do you need to be born again? Because you are a child of wrath. And how you got to be that way may surprise you.

Enemy of God

The person dead-set on embracing all the world has to offer can never please God. And that’s a dangerous thing.

Hates the Light

Two things essentially arise from an abandonment of Christianity: Your sense of morality and your bitterness towards God. This is what it means to love the dark.

Slaves to Sin

To be a slave to sin is a terrible thing. But enslavement to sin doesn’t mean one struggles against it. Quite the contrary.

Slaves to Satan

The path to new birth is strewn with opposition. And as if that wasn’t enough to discourage or depress you, let me add another one.

Update: Added Slaves to Sin on Thursday, January 7, for a total of ten hard truths about being born again.

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