Fear of Losing: Using Competitive Instincts to Conquer Evil

I like the passion that stirs in me when .

It’s mission minded.

And mission-minded, church-planting people are not stuck around the table talking about therapeutic procedures on how to overcome addictions to pornography or self-stimulation.

They’re plotting the down fall of Satan.

That’s why I’m downright serious when I say that our attitude–thus, our existence–as Christians needs to be grounded in aggressive, forward-moving warfare.

It needs to be reflective of a shock-and-awe type offensive, something that gets the enemies head spinning in bewilderment and saying, “What the hell’s going on?”

Like Timmy Brister says, we need to –not the perishable.

We’ve got to bake Scripture into our bones. Go to the mat in prayer. And, as John Piper says, we must .

I’m interested in no less. With me?

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