Harvard Turns Sermons into Business Books

Actually, that’s not true.

Harvard nor it’s  are turning sermons into business books.

But they could.

Odds are, any given Sunday, HBR could visit any church across America, take notes and develop a book or article out of the notes.

At least at any church in St. Louis.

Who knows, maybe the sermon could become one of the .

See, for the last two months I’ve listened to a half-dozen sermons from local pastors. My notes from one sermon look like this:

1. Build self confidence.

2. Manage yourself wisely.

3. Keep good company.

4. Nurture a strong drive to achieve.

5. Guard your mind.

6. Find common ground and build rapport.

7. Endure the hard times.

8. Cultivate a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money and status.

9. Pursue goals with energy and persistence.

10. Build a large team, like a family.

Why is this a problem? I think MacArthur, in his book  said it best:

Much of modern evangelism is building on sand. It allows no time for conviction of sin, no opportunity for deep reverence, no chance to understand why we must come to grips with the reality of our lostness and no occassion for the Holy Spirit to work.

By the way, anybody guess the pastor’s text form my notes above? At least the book? The Testament? Any thoughts on a goog title for this sermon? Drop your ideas in the comments.

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