Jesus’ Resurrection: A Quick and Dirty Guide

Last week I wrote a series of posts working over Jesus’ life, death and resurrection…and defining what it means to us both spiritually and experientially.

In case you missed any of the posts, here’s a list and a summary:

HANDS: A Potent, 5-Step Defense of the Deity of Christ

An Easter Challenge for Christians

Small-Town Pastor Answers the Easter Challenge

Jesus’ Resurrection: Was It Physical or Spiritual?

3 Lessons We Can Learn from Jesus’ Agonizing Garden Prayer

Does God Suffer? An Argument for God’s Emotions

Atheist Confesses Heavy Price to Pay for Not Believing in God 

Suicide, Shame, Sorrow and Jesus’ Resurrection

One thing I learned as I interacted with comments here and elsewhere is that to the Christ-rejectors, the gospel is non-sense. But to those who believe, it’s powerful wisdom…

Nothing new to anyone familiar with Paul’s arguement that  in his first letter to the Corinthians.

I hope you enjoyed the series of posts and I hope you had a great Easter.

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