Last Things: A Quick and Dirty Guide to the End of History


We all know it’s coming. The end of history. How or when is a different story. 

The Mayans pegged it to happen on …give or take a day or two.

Harold Camping predicted the world would end on (five months after the Rapture).

And, in a less religious way, Francis Fukuyama argued that the rise of Western was a signal that we may be in the last stages of our social, political and cultural evolution in his book .

If Fukuyama is right, then it’s the end of the world and I feel fine.

Christian View of the End of History

Even if Fukuyama is right, his judgment does not carry the same sort of weight as the Christian view of the end of the world does.

There is a certain gravity to it.

A finality.

In some cases sublime. In others, catastrophic.

Historically the study of all of the doctrines behind the end time events has been called –the study of death, judgement, heaven and hell.

Historically most Christians have given serious study of these doctrines.

Not so much today.

Thus, a Christian guide to the understanding of the end of the world…and why we shouldn’t neglect it.

Death: A Doctrine We Can’t Neglect

Soul Sleep: Deviant Doctrine to Avoid

Resurrection: Why It’s Necessary to Fight for a Precise Definition

Hell: What’s at Stake If We Neglect It?

Heaven: My Most Speculative Post to Date

Purgatory: How Catholics Prove It Exists

On the Second Coming: What You Can’t Neglect

The Millennium: Can We Safely Neglect this Doctrine?

3 Ways of Looking at the Great Tribulation

Anti-Christ: Not a Doctrine of Idle Speculation

Is Eternal Punishment Fair?

How to Teach Your Children about Hell

Annihilationism: A Near-Definitive Guide

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