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Profile of an Apostate: 18 Easy Indicators

The book of Jude says we should declare war on apostates. Who are apostates? Here’s 18 ways to spot one.

Yesterday we explored four different ways of explaining the sin that leads to death.

I walked away suggesting that this sin is apostasy–someone who, once a believer, rejects Christ.

And I also suggested that we–in spite of John’s recommendation–pray for these people.

Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t declare war on them.

Not too long ago Don at  asked “Does [combating heresy] yield any fruit?”

My answer is yes.

Combating Heresy Can Yield Fruit

In the interest of Christ’s character and the safety of our flock, we do need to draw the line and defend our territory.

In gentleness and respect, of course.

But who exactly are we declaring war on? And how do we spot an apostate? Good questions, indeed.

In the  we get our answers. In fact, we get 18 answers. Apostates are:

1. Godless 

2. Morally perverted v. 4

3. Deniers of Christ v. 4

4. Dreamers 

5. Defilers of the flesh v. 8

6. Rejectors of authority v. 8

7. Slanderers holy angels v. 8

8. Ignorant of the faith 

9. Illogical and unreasonable v. 10

10. Self-destructive in behavior v. 10

10. Complainers 

11. Critics v. 16

12. Self seeking v. 16

13. Arrogant v. 16

14. Flatterers for their own advantage v. 16

15. Scoffers 

16. Creators of division 

17. Wordly minded v. 19

18. Without the Spirit v. 19

One thing I don’t know: Is the author of Jude talking about people outside or inside of the church? I have to go with inside. Here’s why.

Not absolutely certain, but it seems to jive with the end of  where Paul says we are to judge those inside the church and not those outside.

Furthermore,  states “For certain persons have crept in unnoticed….”

Crept in where? I’m thinking the church. And I’m thinking they crept in in disguise. These are the people we’re supposed to . What do you think: Am I right?