Lewd and Low-Brow: Phil Johnson Scolds Mark Driscoll

I have a dirty little secret to share. It’s about Mark Driscoll and idol worship.

This intrigues me to know end.

On Tuesday Phil Johnson  he received in regards to a latenly Mark Driscoll addressed  he gave at the Shepherd’s Conference.

What fascinates me about it? Good question.

This Was News to Me

Well, to begin with, not sure whether I’ve been living under under rock or not…

But I wasn’t even aware Johnson and MacArthur took issue with Driscoll’s lewd and low-brow language. Or that there was a camp of pastors who did.

By reading Johnson’s post and the comments, concerns about  and  seems to top the list.

Hear me out, though: I haven’t read Johnson’s sermon transcript from the Shepherd’s conference, so I can’t judge his response or views…and whether the critique on Driscoll is warranted.

I do respect MacArthur mightly. And if Johnson and he are in league, there’s probally meat to his arguement.

But I’m not there yet. Cause I have something to confess first.

My Dirty Little Secret

I’m intrigued by Driscoll’s handling of MacArthur and Johnson’s critiques. To use Johnson’s words, “He doesn’t take his critics seriously.”

How did Driscoll respond? In a nutshell, Driscoll blew off both Johnson and MacArthur for months before replying. And when he did reply, he chose to send a video to Johnson and an email through HIS secratary to MacArthur’s secratary. Neither of which addressed their concerns.

So, couple things I have to confess.

First, I put Driscoll on a pedastal a long time ago. But it wasn’t until I read Johnson’s blog post and saw Driscoll so poorly handle the situation that I recognized how I nursed this amateur idolization.

Whether Driscoll did wrong or right…the fact still remains: I didn’t think he was flawed.

Second, I thoroughly enjoyed Driscoll’s Song of Solomon sermon series. But I did walk away from it wondering if I just heard a preacher preach Christian sex or a sex therapist quote the Bible.

Which I think brings me to the heart of the matter: If Driscoll isn’t in the pulpit to preach Christ crucified…then he’s overstepping the position of the preacher.

Tim Keller and Michael Horton would agree with me that the pulpit is the catapult from which you launch the Gospel week in and week out. Do you agree?

Let me know what your thinking. Brutal thoughts and all.

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