The Nature of God: A Quick and Dirty Guide


Mercy. Wrath. Jealousy. Just three of the 25 attributes of God we explore in this fast and easy guide on the nature of God.

One of my original motives for launching this blog was to dig deep into the foundations of my faith…to understand whom I worship…what I believe.

I could’ve done this by tackling an MA in theology. But I thought better…

Yes, the reason why I blog is so I can learn. But the other reason I blog is so I can instantly share my knowledge with you.

Listen: ever since my conversion all I’ve wanted to do is pour myself out for Jesus. And ever since I launched Fallen and Flawed all I’ve ever wanted to do is pour myself out for you as well.

So any fiber of my being I can give to help you nurture your passion for God in the midst of the daily grind…I want to give it.

Thus this blog. Thus this series on the nature of God.

Wrong Thoughts about God: 5 Dangerous Conclusions

Seven Ways of Looking at God’s Wrath

A Crude, Skeptical Curmudgeon Looks at God’s Love

Do You Want to Live Forever? Exploring God’s Eternality

Six Ways of Looking at God’s Omniscience

What Can Leo Tolstoy Teach You About God’s Jealousy?

The Thoroughly-Painless Guide to the Doctrine of God’s Trinity

Omnipresence: Does God Lounge Like a Man Lounges?

Omnipotence: Can God Defeat Evil?

10 Biblical Illustrations of God’s Self-Sufficiency

A Simple, Straightforward Guide to the Justice of God

Does God Suffer? An Argument for God’s Emotions

Can God Die? Nitty-Gritty Guide to Self-Existence

God’s Grace: The Essential Meaning

Does Evil Point to God’s Perfection?

Holiness: A Headlong, Under-the-Hood Look

Truthfulness: A Cure for Your Anxiety and Angst

Sovereignty and Why It Doesn’t Contradict Man’s Freedom

The Problem with God’s Righteousness

Infinity: The Abyss of God’s Being

The Case for God’s Immutability

God’s Transcendence: Why You Should Care

Does God Have a Body?

4 Characteristics of the Impeccable Author of Justice

A Portrait of God as Judge

Mercy: The Unsurpassable Attribute of God

Note: These are in order of date published. And let me know if there is an attribute of the Christian God you’d like to see on this list.

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