13 Things You Didn’t Know About Unitarianism

Secrets on unitarianism–from what they think of the Trinity to famous unitarians.

1. Unitarians believe that God is one person, not three.

2. Unitarians reject the doctrine of the Trinity and the deity of Christ.

3. A Unitarian believes in the salvation of character but views the doctrine of  offensive, unbiblical and immoral.

4. Unitarians trace their history to the  where Arianism was denounced.

5. Unitarians also repudiate the doctrine and dogma of the virgin birth.

6. Unitarians embrace the doctrine of biblical inspiration but abandon the doctrine of biblical infallibility.

7. Unitarians who uphold  are renamed .

8. Unitarians differ from  in only one regard–Unitarians believe in a personal deity who acts on creation, while Deists see God as holding aloof from creation.

9. Unitarians believe that Jesus and his disciples were Unitarian Christians.

10. Unitarians deny the doctrine of bodily resurrection.

11. However, most Unitarians believe in .

12. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles Dickens, Florence Nightingale and  were famous Unitarians.

13. Unitarians believe human reason and experience should be the final authority in determining spiritual truth.

So what do you think? Is Unitarianism Christian or not?

**Part of the Quick Facts on Christian Cults series.**

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